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Posted on mardi, avril 21, 2009 in Formations, Photo

Before anything, just a little explanation of the aspect of the pictures.

The camera is an Holga


You’re supposed to use 120 mm film with it

But you can still use 35 mm

with a little patch


It was my first time, so, the patch was not perfect at all.

There was still a little hole in the back, explaining the light in the middle.

Should be better the next time..

Par ordre d’apparence :

Alexandre, trop près, trop de lumière, désolé de t’avoir flashé pour rien..
Karin, Amber, Paolo,
Soren, Clara and Debu,
Soren, Clara, Julianna and Debu (more visible),
Soren and me, taken by Debu,
Sinisha and Aija,
Marie-Sophie, Anne-Marie et Maija,
Amber, Paola and Soren (again ?… :),
Alexandre and Clara,
Heino and Rehad,
Isabelle, Gaspar and Pauline,
Klaudija, just a little bit overexposed.

Sorry for the missed one…

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