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Posted on dimanche, novembre 13, 2011 in Formations, Photo

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Dear Swots,

As I was writing down the notes taken there, I looked back on some other ones, taken two years and a half ago. I had presented my project about wwoofing at the regional session of Eurodoc. Some people told me I should have a look on what a young militant was doing : a big film without any money from any channel or any commission. With new ways to finance it… they couldn’t find the name, I should have dig it a little bit, but it’s always the same, after a few days, it’s gone in the limbos..

Out of this little reference, I had almost never heard about « The Age of Stupid » before to come to this training session in London. I had vaguely heard about this famous actor giving a hand to a « small » team of documentary film makers to improve their project, but that was all. By chance, my friend Nils Aguilar had been more vigilant. He could not come himself, lack of time, but he pushed me to do it. And I don’t regret it at all, even if it was a little bit hard at some moments, with very very few hours of sleep before..

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